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Encouraging Memoir Writing In Senior Citizens and Hospice Patients

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Memoir writing is more like record keeping; it is a recollection of all major life events and heartfelt memories that a person would want their children and grandchildren to read. Everyone’s story is unique; each individual experiences happy and sad moments in a unique way.

Unfortunately, we live in fast-paced times that don’t allow many to look back and reflect on the people we have met and the places we have been. On the other side, we lose great life lessons from seniors who have lived a lifespan full of ups and downs. Imagine not knowing what it was like to be a doctor, an entrepreneur, or a veteran. Waco seniors deserve to have their story told and be remembered by current generations and those that are to come.

One way of doing this is memoir writing; besides helping create a chronicle of seniors’ lives, it’s a great therapeutic technique for people transitioning to hospice care. Why is that so?

· Memoir writing builds confidence

· It creates self-worth

· It ensures a continuation of the seniors’ legacy

· It keeps the brain active

· The memoir will prove to be a priceless gift to children and grandchildren

There are even more reasons why memoir writing should be encouraged. Gentle Transitions Hospice, located in Waco, Texas, believes in the life story of every person in our care. We encourage them to tell their stories in their way.

Gentle Transitions is a leading care provider and hospice. Waco-Temple-Killeen patients can rest assured that their elderly loved ones will receive the highest standard of care with us.

For all things hospice, Waco citizens can rely on Gentle Transitions. We pride ourselves on providing the best care to those admitted to our service, easing their transition, and helping them accept their terminal illness. We offer comfort, encouragement, and guidance to help our patients narrate, dictate, or write about their contributions and achievements in their community, what lessons they would like to give to future generations, any mistakes they made, the regrets they have, the best moments in their lives, etc.

Studies have shown that the older generation takes immense pride and happiness in writing their memoirs. Putting down a record of one’s important life moments can be an extremely satisfying task; the memoir produced from this activity can be the ‘last words’ one has for their families and everyone else. They may also consider it as creating a piece of art or an opportunity to reveal a secret.

Memoirs invite self-reflection, and everyone has an interesting story to tell. Gentle Transitions hospice will engage and welcome stories from all backgrounds. Our trained staff will motivate patients to write whatever they feel is necessary to be shared with their families and the world.

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