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Transitioning to hospice can be a difficult change for the sick as well as for the families of those in need of hospice care. When it's time for you to choose hospice care for yourself or a loved one, you want to know that you have made the best choice in order to get the best care. A hospice provider that has experienced nurses and staff members could prove to be the best choice. A hospice provider that can offer a patient the care and the attention that they need is paramount.

Those in the Waco and Killen areas of Texas will find comfort in knowing that they can choose Gentle Transition Hospice for their loved one. They offer quality end of life care to the patient as well as to the family. They can serve at the patient's home, hospital or assisted living facility. They offer skilled nursing care, chaplains, nursing assistance, social workers and so much more to ensure that the patient gets the best care possible. As they are contracted with the Department of Veterans Affairs, they are always ready to serve Veterans. They are able to accept Medicare and many other forms of insurance.

The loving and caring nurses and staff are going to be able to help walk you and your family through each stage of their hospice journey. They'll have all of the information you need to help you make informed decisions that are best for the patient. They know how to manage all of the symptoms that a patient may go through, making it a huge comfort for the patient. When the patient is comfortable, the family is also comfortable.

Hospice allows a patient to experience managed pain as well as symptom control. Hospice care offers the compassionate care that you want for your loved one in order to keep them as comfortable as possible. Anyone that is facing a terminal illness is eligible for hospice care. All of the medical supplies and equipment that a patient may need during their care is provided by hospice, making it an easier transition for all concerned.

Many illnesses such as cancer, liver disease, HIV, stroke, dementia and Alzheimer's can be a reason to consider hospice for your loved one. ALS and COPD can also be reasons for choosing hospice. Everyone wants the best care they can have for those that they love. They want them to be comfortable and safe and choosing to use a quality hospice provider can be one of the best decisions that a patient or family members can choose.

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