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Types of Hospices

A large number of people are taken care of by hospices. The goal of hospice care is to give the best possible quality of life for patients who have been diagnosed with an end-stage illness. Hospice care is used when curative treatment has stopped, and a person is near death. Hospice care can be provided at home, in a hospital, assisted living facility, or a nursing home. Different types of hospice care may be used depending on the patient's needs and family.

Below are some types of hospices.

Inpatient Ward Hospice

Certain hospice programs provide inpatient services and can be found at a hospital or skilled nursing facility. This type of care is needed when the patient has medical problems that make it difficult to remain at home. It may entail pain management and respiratory issues. An Inpatient Ward is where patients who are not well enough to go home are taken. They are given medical care, treatments, medication, and daily nursing care monitored.

Nursing Home

The hospice care decision is made because the patient can no longer live alone or with family members who need to continue outside the home. A nursing home is where the patient can live while receiving help with activities of daily living, pain management, medications, and other supportive services. Nursing homes are specialized facilities designed to provide living quarters for people who cannot care for themselves. Nursing home residents are often frail, chronically ill, or incapacitated due to age-related disabilities.

Residential Care Facility

Like a nursing home, this facility provides 24/7 care to patients who cannot take care of themselves at home. However, unlike nursing homes, only six or fewer patients are in the hospice care facility. The patient has their room. However, there is an average of two to five other people living with them at all times. This type of hospice care is for individuals who are more independent than they would be in a nursing home.

Private Duty Nurse Hospice

This type of hospice care is for people who can take care of themselves at home while receiving help with different activities of daily living, pain management, medications, and other supportive services. A private duty nurse provides the same types of service as a hospice team but does so individually. This may be more appropriate for individuals who are not as ill as those needing the care provided in the other types of hospices but still need help with activities of daily living and pain management.

Hospice is a type of care for terminally ill patients who are expected to live six months or less. It can be provided at a patient's home, inpatient ward of the hospital, or nursing home. Hospice care can help relieve pain and increase comfort for terminally ill patients. The right type of hospice must be chosen for each patient. This can be done by determining which of the different hospices best suit the patient.

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