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How Can Hospice Care Help Your Family?

Hospice care helps your loved one live their last days in comfort, at home, and with dignity. The care we provide here at Gentle Transitions Hospice is palliative care. That means we help relieve pain but do not treat the cause of the condition. As a family-operated support center, we understand the value of family. And translate this value into the care we provide for our patients.

Here at Gentle Transitions Hospice, we support those at the end of life. We provide compassionate care and symptom management. We work with an interdisciplinary team to deliver comprehensive palliative care. Our team follows medical guidelines to provide the highest level of service to the patient and support for their family.

Hospice Care Services

Here at Gentle Transitions Hospice, we are proud to provide the highest-quality of palliative care. Palliative care is more than end-of-life care. We support our patients through different stages of their illness. Our staff at Gentle Transitions Hospice helps provide relief to our patients that are suffering from a terminal illness.

We provide palliative care services both in-home and at a hospice center. With our in-home hospice care, your loved one is able to remain home. For the patient, it is comforting to be supported by their belongings. In the comfort of their own bed and blankets and with their family.

Hospice care center is a hospital-like facility. This care is outside of the home. When choosing a hospice care center, make sure you are comfortable with the staff and facility. That is why we at Gentle Transitions Hospice provide your loved one with compassion and dignity. We strive to help make our patients feel comfortable and cared for.

Difficult Questions to Ask

The decision to use hospice care is difficult and emotionally challenging. At Gentle Transitions Hospice, we are here to answer your difficult question. The most common questions we hear are about eligibility, cost, and timing of care.

Here at Gentle Transitions Hospice, we care for anyone facing a life-limiting illness. Neither the patient nor the family pays for hospice care out-of-pocket. That is because there are several organizations to help, including Medicare, Medicaid, and Veterans Affairs.

The most difficult question to answer is - why do you seek hospice care? When the patient is no longer responding to treatment, it is the right time to seek hospice care. The decision to receive hospice care is that of the patient. This decision usually comes after consulting with your physician and family members.

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